Here at Pumpkin Swamp Kennels we are proud to be promoting some of the top tier Champ Bred dogs in the Nation. We show these great squirrel dogs all over the South east and we are proud to do so. They have been rising to the occasion for years, but here lately they are getting the credit that they so well deserve. *Pumpkin Swamp Rhonda is only a couple of hunts away from being an ATFA Grand Squirrel Champion and is as classy as it gets in the woods we are proud to say we own her. *Pumpkin Swamp Julie is also on her way to the top with a rally win in Alabama she is now a Squirrel champion with a 2nd place in the Tennessee. *Pumpkin Swamp Hanna being next in line will surely follow in the footstep of here older Aunt and sister. *Pumpkin Swamp Outlaw is the stud of the bunch with pups on the ground that are showing promise and treeing early as well. The opportunity to own these dogs is wonderful and every person that has one loves them. With consistant traits that they put in offspring such and winding abilty, stamina and the ability to learn anything they are taught. The trait that has taken them to the top of the feist competition world is the Stamina that they bring to the table, hunting in all kind of conditions I have seen this first hand from heat to extreme cold, time after time I have seen dogs tire out just trying to keep up. To me that is what I am looking for. We have litters of pups just about every spring and sometimes in the Fall and we keep a deposit list for those interested, pups are $350 with a $100 dollar deposit required to reserve. All pups come with there first shots and worming and as an added bonus the also come with a free membership to the American Treeing Feist Organization (1 year only). Enjoy the website and again thanks for visiting the Swamp Sincerely, Pumpkin Swamp Kennels American Treeing Feist Association Board of Director Jeff Fulghum